Technology - Our Value Add

Our Value Add

The Process

Why Algae?

What we bring to the table:
While Genesis Biofuel refineries are built using largely off the shelf components that are already proven to work, our value add is in the creation of three new devices and the way we combine these devices with existing components to substantially increase the efficiency of the overall system:

Genesis Biofuel
value add
High Efficiency Photo Bioreactor (PBR)
Large clear tubes linked together that contain water and a specific strain of algae
  • PBRs provide a clean controlled environment vs growing algae in open ponds
  • Our PBRs accelerate algae growth, increasing the rate of CO2 absorption and the production rate of biomass and biodiesel
Algae flow system Keeps algae constantly moving
  • keeps bacteria at bay
  • affords a higher flow rate of production
  • increases consumption of CO2 and other pollutants
Algal harvester
Continuous 24/7 rate
adjustable harvester
  • improves efficiency (algae can  flow uninterrupted)
  • rate adjustability allows us to handle problems without downtime
Superior design Comprehensive monitoring system for each step in the process
  • optimal algae growth
  • higher production yield
  • increased CO2 sequestration
  • ability to quantify the exact amount of carbon we sequester and oxygen we release
Carbon negative plant Refining process runs on heat from a concentrated solar thermal system. The refinery is entirely carbon negative.
  • no waste
  • all water used in the process is recycled
  • all by products are used by our customers and the surplus biodiesel has retail value on the open market

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