Turning carbon pollution into renewable energy products

Current wisdom dictates if we want to combat global warming, we must slash carbon output. At Genesis Biofuel, we provide a solution to counter greenhouse gas emissions. We build refineries that sequester carbon dioxide and use it to produce renewable energy products.

Our carbon sequestration solution is based on algae, the oldest life form on the planet, a plant that reproduces quickly, grows everywhere, and requires CO2 to grow and thrive.

In our carbon negative refineries we grow, harvest and process algae to make biomass and biodiesel, outputs that cement companies can use to reduce their coal intake and to fuel their trucking and heavy equipment fleets.

Cement companies are the second largest emitters of CO2 in the world, after coal burning power plants. Yet they emit 1/12th the CO2 of a power plant* which makes building a refinery for an average cement plant a realistic endeavor, not a big science project.



* sources: CARMA Carbon Monitoring for Action database and EPA’s “CO2 emissions profile of the US cement industry”